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A urine drug test is a drug test used to determine if drugs are in the system. Use a urine test to get your answers Quick..

Need to find out if your employees are abusing drugs? Are your employees consistently late and you think drug abuse is a problem? A urine drug test can get to the bottom of the problem. You may need to do a drug test at the office to determine if further action needs to be taken. A urine test specimen is the most common method used in the workplace. Not only can this method be used for employees but it can be used for athletes. And if neither of these environments are for you it can even be done in the home. Whatever the case a urine drug test can test the urine to find out if drugs are in the system. A urine test can be your means for finding out the answers you've been looking for.

A urine test will test to see if there are metabolites in the body. Metabolites are created by the body's metabolic process and are a way of identifying if indeed drugs are present. There are a variety of drugs, not excluding alcohol, that can be tested for. The drug test tests the following: alcohol, amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, LSD, Marijuana, MDMA (ecstasy), methadone, methamphetamines, opiates, and angel dust (PCP). There are also a specific number of days that correspond to each of the drugs and dependent upon the the user's use the test will show varying results. A urine test can detect alcohol in 24 hours or less, amphetamines 1-4 days, short-term use of barbiturates 1-3 days long-term use 1-3 weeks, cocaine 1-5 days, LSD 1-2 days, marijuana short-term use 1-7 days long-term use 1-4 weeks, MDMA (ecstasy) 1-4 days, methadone 1-4 days, methamphetamines 1-4 days, opiates 1-5 days, and angel dust (PCP) short-term use 1-7 days long term use 1-4 weeks.

With a urine test there are two results. There are quantitative test results that identify the exact quantity of drug metabolite in the specimen and there are qualitative test results which determine the presence or absence of drug metabolites. Another variance is dependent upon the pH of the urine sample. The pH of the urine can have an affect on the drug detection time frame. More often than not highly acidic urine shortens the drug detection time frame. Another thing to take into account is the person's body fat. A high percentage of body fat will often allow for a longer drug detection period. this is due to the fact that it is possible for THC to accumulate in fatty tissues. A urine drug test is a sufficient test to use if one is not overall concerned with the length of time drugs stay in the system. If one is concerned and needs a bit more leeway one might consider a hair test. It has been proven that a hair drug test is more effective than a urinalysis for identifying a drug user with a drug abuse problem. Part of the reason for this is that a hair test can test for drugs in the body for a period up to 90 days. Identify your need and then all that is needed is for you to start your drug testing procedure with the appropriate test for you.

Whether it be a urine drug test or a hair drug test your answers can be met. It is possible to test for the kind of drug and the quantity. When drug testing the drug user or the drug abuser with a hair test the drug detection period is 90 days. There is a drug test for your needs. If by chance it is determined that drugs are in the body with a urine test then further action should be taken. The person may have a drug addiction and may be in need of drug rehab. If this is the case appropriate measures should be carried out to see to it that the drug abuser gets the help and support necessary for recovery.

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